Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 5

Well I accidentally missed yesterday's so after math class I will come back and do today's which should actually be day 6.

Day five is my favorite quote. And I guess in all honesty I have never chose one. But I do live my life in the mindset that you have to be thankful for what you do have, and to not let the bad gloomy times and things take control. I never had any patience for people who say "FML" and "My life sucks wah" Or "But when I was a kid...."GET OVER IT. Because your life probably is more than the fact that you failed a grade or your hubby never does the dishes. Or even if you were beat as a child or had an alcoholic for a dad....someone has it worse than you. Even when Ava died, I was/am terribly sad. But I never let myself think I have it the worst than anyone. I never let myself think "My life sucks and it will always suck." Yeah I was down, because yes, I lost my daughter and part of my future. A horrible thing to happen to anyone. But still, there are people worse off then me. Some have never even had the joy of being pregnant or giving birth. Some people have lost 5 children. Who am I to let myself be "depressed" when its all really amind set and how strong you are to deal.

Some people say "I had a bad childhood" well then...make up for it! Enjoy your life to the fullest now that your a grown adult and you know what SHOULDNT be done. Dont let the fact that alcoholism or being poor was in your childhood. MOVE ON. I was poor. I lived off of butter and salt tortillas sometimes. My mom was a single mom. My dad would hide liquor in my playsets! But did I let myself become like him? Did I let myself be a downer? No. Because some people had alcoholics in their life who beat them. And some werent lucky to have a mom that loved them and tried her hardest and kept a roof over her two kids heads. Never think you have it bad. Try to see the light.

Dont know if this makes much sense, my writing and spelling has been off a lot the past 2 days. But I just want people to know...suck it up. Lol.

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  1. Oh yeah. I loved something Madea said in the "madea goes to jail" one woman said that she was a prostitute druggy because her dad beat and sexually abused her as a child. And I loved what Madea said. how it wasnt a good reason because her daddy was probably out in the world and living his life and she was wasting hers in jail because of the past. That she had to get over it. And I agree...dont let the past decide your future. because you shouldnt settle!