Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 6

Today is to write about whatever tickles my fancy. Hm.

Well I am really excited to have lost 10 pounds. Like SUPER happy. I havent worked out the last two days, which I need to get of the comp and get back into routine, but I have been feeling blah the last few days. But I'll be OK.

I want to write about my amazing husband.

We met our senior year of HS. It was November 2005. He was in my classroom talking to Mrs. F and Carrie about some chick he liked. And although I don't believe in "love at first sight" because you cant LOVE a person just by looks. I def had a connection. I just knew he was going to be a good friend of mine and that he was in my future. Well, he didnt seem all too into me. He still liked this one girl and I would "magically" find myself in his path (really I was just stalking him) and I would find ways to talk to him. On the way to lunch I would make Carrie walk by his classroom so I could peek in on him (what a freak!). First time we hung out we went to Steak and Shake with Mackenzie and saw The Pink Panther (He thought it was hilarious, I found it boring.) he wrote something with a yellow crayon on a napkin (Dont remember what) and I knew I was falling. (I still have the napkin.) We stayed out pretty late just hanging around his truck and talking. One day I asked him to go ice skating with my brother and I. We had a blast and they had a lot of fun making fun of my "skills." Well I told him that I USED to like him. and he asked me when. But I said something like "last monday" lol. Lame.(I wanted to go back to CA). Obviously that didnt happen. When July came we were in love and we knew it was forever. he went to bootcamp and I wrote the standard 100 letters a month lol. Got him laughed at when he recieved a manilla envelope with 10 stamps on it... Hey! I didnt know what was enough!)and when it was time for graduation I went down with his family to Parris Island to watch him cross the deck. I would visit him often in Jacksonville, NC and on January 13th 2007 he asked me to marry him. I said yes and we made plans for Summer 2008. he deployed to Baghdad Iraq on April 2007- September 2007 and when he came home we couldnt wait any longer. And we were tired of being apart. So we made plans for a wedding in December. That didnt work and on November 9th 2007 we were married with a JOP. That night we went to our first Marine Ball. November 23rd we had a formal wedding with most of our family. (I still wish we had waited for the big wedding, I would of loved it to be Spring! And more of my family could of come) I moved in with him December 14th 2007. We had a wonderful first year with seriously only one fight. It was bad, but afterwards it seems we let out any frustration in that one arguement. we adopted melody February 15th 2008. Had many BBQs and fun with our friends Blair, Mason, Tara, Tim, Tracey and Cliff. September 2008 Thomas again deployed to Iraq. He came home in April and we talked about kids, but decided he wasn't going to re-enlist so we put off plans for kids. Our friends left NC due to husbands finished with enlistments and new stations...

Thomas and I got the suprise of our lives on December 14th 2009. Found out I was preggo! Which was just too crazy since I had only been off the pill 3 weeks to change pills and he had only been home for a week before going on a training OP. So I took a teast when he came home and yeap, it was positive. So we started making plans for the future. Found out the baby was a girl March 26th with my brother. May 3rd our life was turned upside down when we were told our daughter had a condition called Hydrops Fetalis caused by Parvo. The month of May really tested us and our marriage. I was very sick and needed him to help me. His buddies were readying to deploy again....he barely got to say goodbye because I needed him by me. He was an excellent caregiver and a shoulder to cry on. We both broke down many times, but he was and still is, always there for me. He is not a very patient Man, but when I needed his patience the most....he gave me his all.
I wish that our daughter had lived, but I thank God for giving me Thomas. Because he is def. my rock and my partner for life. We have moments where our patience for the other's habits/ways wears thin. But I know he has my back and I have his. I feel so incomplete to think about what I would be like if he were not here. These months since Ava became an angel has been the most hardest time of our lives. The stress of losing a child, changing jobs, moving, and living with your's not easy. Not having the future you had plan and it all being pulled from under you would break most couples. But it's like Thomas and I formed completely into the "one being" you swear to become when you marry. Its like the more trials we face the more we cling to each other. Since Ava, I almost daily recieve an email from someone telling us how proud they are of us, and how they look to us. It makes me proud that I have such an amazing partner and that we are somewhat rolemodels to people. That people can look at us and know that even in the bad times, you can still be so amazingly in love. And that really nothing can tear you apart.

I love you Thomas. Even if at times you are so weird and dorky I dont know what I got myself into, but then you kiss me and I know that I got myself into years and years of love,happiness, and devotion no matter what. That I found someone who will always be there for me and makes me laugh. That one touch of your hand on my cheek can melt my worries away. And that I have found the most amazing man and father. I will never forget the love in your eyes when you held Ava for the first time. The things you said to her.....Ava and I are so incredibly lucky to have someone with such a big heart.

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  1. Very cute <3 Even if you were a stalker! Lol. You guys are great together!